Sunday, 4 September 2011

Hair play
Cue a cavalcade of bows, bandeaus and blooms to add a frivolous note to alluring autumnal locks.

As with jewellery, big and bold is a look that’s ticking all the boxes. Bandeaus with buckles, fascinators and saucer-sized slides are a sight to behold. Similarly forget the Alice band’s former association with Adventures in Wonderland and Sloane Rangers, and focus on a final result of preppy-girl-meets-sex-kitten. The new attitude sees them worn high and wide balanced rakishly close to the backcombed crown.

Even kirby grips, formerly the most mundane of hair accessories, are currently cutting edge. To get the full decorative fix they should be worn in criss-cross formation to create sleek sides fundamental to the perfect retro up-do or quintessential quiff shape. Cue effortless perfection courtesy of Denman’s Criss Cross Bobby Pins 

Get to grips with the key trends that reliably rock the fashion runways by following these simple rules:

Band practice
Avoid the preppy look by wearing two or three skinny hair bands at a time rather than a single wide one. This makes the look contemporary and so much more catwalk. Own the look by experimenting with strips of leather, satin ribbon or anything else that takes your eye at the haberdashers. Leave gaps between each strip so the hair's visible.

Big head
One large accessory makes a fab statement piece, but make sure you wear it asymmetrically as centred accessories look too twee. You can position a clip or slide on one side of a ponytail or - the hottest trend right now - ballerina bun. I like to use vintage collar clips or oversized brooches for that one-off vibe, but be careful when you remove them not to yank out strands of hair at the same time.

Birds of a feather
Feathers look great if they’re used sparingly – but resist the full-on show girl head-dress effect unless you're auditioning for Vegas! Stick with small, richly coloured ones and wear like a fascinator, either behind the ear or to one side of your parting. Zoe L at Love From Hetty and Dave is doing some amazing hair accessories with feathers and leather for autumn (I've had a sneak preview) - a chic Cherokee inspired collection, check out her website...